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Please Remember When Using The Dream Cream, You Have To Be Consistent & It All Starts With You. You Can’t Use Something One Time Just To Clear Your Skin & Think Your Skin Will Be Clear Forever.

You Have To Maintain. That Is Key 🔑So Here Are Some Tips:


#1. Satin Pillowcases Because Cotton Pillow Cases Absorb Dirt, Sweat And Oil 🛏


#2. Cleanser Your Face Everyday 🧼TWICE A Day With The New Chia Citrus Face Cleanser, Once At Night Before You Sleep & Again When You Wake Up. 


#3. Get Rid Of The Blue Masks & Get Some Clay Masks 😷


#4. Change/Wash Your Sheets Every 2 Weeks 🧺


#5. WATER 💧Water Hydrates & Nourishes Your Skin So You Need Water For Your Skin & Body.


#6. Cut Down On The Greasy/Sugary Food 🍬


#7. Don’t Pick At Your Face Or Touch Your Face After Touching Items Because You Are Putting Thousands Of Germs On Your Face 🦠


#8. Reduce Your Stress Because Stressing Literally Overwhelms Your Body, Mind & Skin. Replace Stress With Exercise, Meditation, Fresh Air, Drawing Or Music. 


#9. Don’t Sleep In Outside Clothes, Have Your Separate PJs For Your Bed Only.


#10. Use The Dream Cream Everyday After Showering 


Use These Tips & You Will See A Significant Change In Your Skin ❤️❤️❤️